Distance sensors and Arduino

Distance sensors & arduino

About a week ago, we started a sensor experimentation/exploration project. Working in pairs, we were given a particular sensor to explore. Runar and I got different types of distance sensors. You can see the sensors on the image above. Imagine going from a bachelor in graphic design to working over a week with a sensor (just sayin’).

We made an Instructable of our findings, called “Getting started with distance sensors and Arduino”. We present the sensors we have worked with, basic code and fritzing (how to wire the sensor up with the Arduino breadboard), how to do some projects, what it is used for now, other peoples projects, and what we think it could be used for.

This video summarizes our experimentation and ideas.

IMG_9847When the sensor detects something, the LED lights, so we were able to create a light painting of the sensors range.

The things we work on at school these days are kind of heavy and geeky. I can see the eyes of my graphic design-friends fading away or how they only say “oh” if I show them something. So, I try to present it in a way that is possible to understand on my blog, and just ask if there is something that’s unclear.