First project at AHO – Enhanced Cards

I want to show you our first project in Tangible Interactions at AHO, because my blog was created after this project. This was a one week project with Gjermund.

An interactive invitation to an exclusive Nintendo event, aimed at members of Club Nintendo.

The invitation is delivered in a box resembling the questionmark-blocks from the NES-era Mario games, which indicate a mystery inside. The graphics on the box aims to build on the expectations of the recipient. The box contains a piranha plant, a known figure from Mario games. Two hand-stickers indicate a hidden functionality. If the pipe is squeezed the piranha plant will open its mouth and eject a rolled up piece of paper, containing the information about the event, to the surprise and delight of the recipient.

killer image_1

killer image_3

killer images_4


This project was my first meeting with tangible interactions, I used to look at interaction design as screen based design. I was way out of my comfort zone the first week, for example working with silicon at the plastic workshop. I am still out of my comfort zone compared to graphic design and screen based solutions, but I will admit that my geek level has raised a few points.

2014-08-22 14.12.00-2