This is the final result from the tap, swipe & flick module. Luciola is a tablet app. We used Unity to make the touch experience possible. When working with interactions, you have to try them and see how your idea actually feels – so it’s really useful to get an introduction to different kinds of software.

Eirik, Martin and I want the user to get in a meditative state of mind by interacting with the Luciolas. You move around in a world with the Luciolas, and your actions will affect them in different ways.


Here you see Martin and Eirik playing with one the first versions (we are planning to make a video of the final result).


M3_luciola_bilde1_marte,eirik,martin_2015 M3_luciola_bilde5_marte,eirik,martin_2015M3_luciola_bilde2_marte,eirik,martin_2015 M3_luciola_bilde3_marte,eirik,martin_2015