New studio and elective courses

Elective course (a course we have once a week) started today, Ida and me are the only designers in «Freehand Sketching». We are in the wonderful and big A1, (something else than «bunkersen» (as we call it), where we spent last semester). Just look at the ceiling:
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We started from scratch, exploring tools and materials. Great for a paper-freak like me. And it’s also great with a analog day of the week. I bought my first ProMarker pen (those industrial designers and architects are getting to me).
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In Interaction Design 2: Screens, the studio course, we started with Processing and data visualization.

2015-01-27 21_43_32

Look at this wonderful mouse tracker, haha. It takes time to learn Processing, but our teacher Marius knows everything there is to know about code, so that’s kind of comforting. For this module we are supposed to visualize data from our own life. My plan, as we speak, is to track exposure to certain subjects online. We were introduced to different apps and websites that track you somehow, these sites are quite interesting:

Moves Activity Diary. This also shows your location.
Foursquare, I will definitely use this to discover places in Oslo.
Iconosquare gives you statistics from Instagram:

Skjermbilde 2015-01-27 kl. 22.25.49

Skjermbilde 2015-01-27 kl. 22.26.02I’m still fascinated with how much I used Instagram in 2012.