Digital Almanac

    Four week project in the studio Screens at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design, spring 2015. Ida Marrable and I collaborated with Gyldendal Publishing.

    Gyldendal Publishing is considering to develop an app for iPhone and Android phone. The app will be based on the contents of the printed edition, ­Almanakk for Norge.

    The content of the almanac is extensive, and it needs adjustments to work in a digital platform. There are a lot of specialized and good apps for each of the topics the almanac covers – how can the user benefit by having them all in one app? We worked a lot with reorganizing the Almanacs table of content. We gave some topics new names, merged some topics and categorized them.

    Our concept is a calender mixed with a book. You have a dashboard with prefered information from today, based on your geolocation.

    See our prototype:

    See more here: