The Golden Suitcase

    The Golden Suitcase is a student project from AHO made in collaboration with Telenor. The group members were Marie Løken, Inger Steinnes, Nils Hansen, Marthe Marie Christensen and I.


    The challenge of building a community with employees across the world
    Telenor is one of the largest telecommunications company in the world, engaging in 13 countries across Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and Asia. The structure consists of different business units. With over 33 000 employees across the world, the company is facing a great challenge by connecting the business units and establishing a good, open and friendly network between their many employees.

    Experience Sharing event
    The employees get to meet each other and exchange their experience in the different business units at an event called Experience Sharing.

    We had an insight phase where we held workshops for the arrangers and participants, did interviews and research. In this way we got key findings on what worked and what could be improved.

    Our group worked with the social aspect of the event, and facilitating for stronger work relations within the Telenor community. We saw the potential of doing this through enhancing the potential for networking at the Experience Sharing events.


    For making stronger work relations, we saw two key features to address. One was about caring for the individual, and making people feel validated. The other was about building the network – and utilizing the community.

    031015_Presentasjon_Rehersal_SocialAspect_v16 kopier

    We see todays situation a bit like this – where learning through presentations is more prioritized than the learning that takes place in the conversations.

    031015_Presentasjon_Rehersal_SocialAspect_v17 2

    With more focus on the social aspects, more knowledge is shared at the same time as the community is being strengthened through relationships growing across BU’s. This needs to be facilitated, which is done by the organizer in the planning stage. This is our focus area.


    To help the organizer care for the individual and utilizing the community, we are introducing a new key work: Valuable. This should guide all the stages of the planning phase in order to give the participants the validation they need, and the feeling of the Telenor community.

    The value is in the participants. Bringing out this value depends on the organizers, and what they plan, prepare and pack for the event.


    The Golden Suitcase is a tool to plan, prepare and pack for a good trip to the experience sharing.


    This is a tool for the planner to look beyond the basics of organizing and go that extra mile to make a good experience sharing where people feel like valuable employees at Telenor, and where knowledge is shared through conversation as well as presentations.

    The role of being an organizer can be stressful, especially at the event. Sometimes you don’t even have time to talk to people. That is why we are introducing a new role: The Social planner.


    This person will be responsible for planning the social aspects of the event, both before, during and after the experience sharing, and will take some of the lift of the other organizer.


    The Golden Suitcase contains seven elements for the experience sharing planning. The most important are the two working posters, a folder and four stacks of suggestion cards.

    Suggestion cards
    031015_Presentasjon_Rehersal_SocialAspect_v119 kopier

    The two different posters are the main planning tools, where the event is prepared from start to finish. Here you can plan the basics of the event, as well as the special moments: What we call the golden moments. And this is how it works:

    It has been a great experience working with Telenor, thank you for the collaboration and a special thanks to our engaged mentors!