Minimalistic wayfinding for a mall. A mall is a chaotic place with a lot of impressions, so a neutral and minimalistic wayfinding system would be the opposite and help the costumers find their way around the mall. Information and signs should only be present were the users has to make a decision, too much information would be counter intuitive.

    The result is based on an analysis of the malls existing wayfinding, what works and what doesn’t. We named the different entrances of the mall, so it would be easier to navigate, and placed signs at the crossroads. The new visual look has a more neutral and minimalistic look, as you could see in every part of the design. The final delivery has a design manual, pictograms, a new map, signs, a touch screen and an app.

    Project from 2013 at Gjøvik University College, with Stine Berg, Marthe Frøshaug and Marita Kvam.