The semester is over – hello summer

The second semester at AHO is over, and I want to show you our final project – Digital Almanac. Ida and I were nominated for AHO Awards in the category «prize for interaction design».


For now, this is all I’ll show you – a picture from AHO Works Exhibition. A longer post is coming soon. Promise. The final month at school were really busy for me, working around the clock with the final task in screens and graphic design for AHO Works Exhibition – so it’s been nice to reintroduce my brain to other stuff again.

Right now I’m spending some time in Sigdal, the municipality I’m from, while working with some design projects.

For now, I want to show you something that’s not work or school related – but some iPhone pictures and gifs from the last couple of days in Sigdal municipality. Let me introduce you to the mountain Andersnatten.


thkittelsen lauvliaThe artist Theodor Kittelsen lived in Sigdal and painted Andersnatten numerous times. This is his view from the porch at Lauvlia.

Th._Kittelsen,_Andersnatten,_postkortOne of Kittelsen’s paintings of Andersnatten.