What’s your type

For the 4th module in screens – we made a picture app. We were supposed to explore different ways of making a touch experience for looking at a set of pictures. I choose pictures of different typefaces (what a surprise). Unfortunately, I got sick, and this course has the speed of a fighter plane (as we say in Norwegian). Fortunately, I were able to make a prototype and user test it.



This is my first lowfi prototype of the interface:

I looked at different ways of categorising typefaces, like different types of usage, describing terms and the academic terms:

I ended up with these categories, because I wanted to make the typefaces more accessible for people:

User testing


We got to user test our app at Netlife Research, which was both really useful and frustrating. I don’t have much experience with user testing, and sitting in another room and seeing someone explore your design is a rather new feeling. You often feel like your design is logical and understandable, so to discover flaws and errors, it’s useful to see the design through another pair of eyes. We also got a great introduction to Netlife Research and how to go about user testing.

We were facing different kinds of obstacles with the picture sets we choose. One of the obstacles with my app, was that some people see the pictures as information – as they should read the text and understand them. So for the final delivery, that was one of my main issues to work on. I looked at how the details affected how you see the pictures.


The final delivery


Try my prototype

I would recommend to use an iPhone 6 in landscape mode to test the app (to be specific, HEHE). Then you would get an idea about the interactions.

Further developments

There are some limitations in Proto.io, so the favourite function is not working. In the app you can see how it would look like if someone already has some favourites. I would also like to have more typefaces in the app, and have more information about typefaces in the I tab. Some of the text about the typefaces are using academic terms, and it would have been a good possibility to teach people a bit about typefaces.

And of course, I would like to make the app responsive.

The final module

We just got started with the final module. Ida and I are working with Gyldendal – so we are really exited! More information about the project coming soon.