You know you’re in the service design studio when…


You might have guessed, I’m in the service design studio this fall. Here you see Ida mapping different touch-points, based on the AT-ONE method. This is my first time of having a single assignment for the whole semester, and also – our studio of 20 people will only have one single delivery. We are working with Telenor, and in a couple of weeks we are going to Serbia. We will work with their business unit in Serbia, to do some research and gain insights.

IMG_2750 IMG_2751The mood at AHO these days. 

Bilde tatt 16.09.15 kl. 12.05 #2The studio has splt into four different design firms, and I’m in Cerebell with Marie, Miriam, Cecilie & Ida. We have developed values, vision and mission – and a visual identity based on this.




cerebell_presentation5 kopierOur name Cerebell is inspired by Cerebellum – the little brain. This is the part of the brain where visceral responses happens.

Viscral responses are automatic responses and trigger direct emotional responses. They are a throwback to cave-man instincts, and most advertising works at this level. Most of our behaviour is visceral (like responsing to a smile, our need personal space), this is why it is particualy relevant for service design.

workshopWe are learning about how to facilitate workshops to gain insights, and today we are having our second workshop with Telenor. I will update you, so you can see how our project develops.